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Holy Grail is undoubtedly one of most attractive legends that has ever emerged since Humans became capable of thinking and conceiving.The very first tracks of human works we meet ,are drawings on the walls of caves.Then, there are the first loam letters,Hieroglyphs in Egypt regarded to be picture letter.Fortunately,ancient people were ingenious in finding ways to express thoughts ,write down history of Mankind and save the all for the future generations./as using of parchment for example.

The Cup and Spear

The Cup and Spear

It is notorious fact there are numerous tellings about Holy Grail.By following my own instinct and feelings I’ll reveal my truth which is inevitable connected with Jesus Christ’s teaching and Legacy.Jesus Christ had been crucified, an act followed by his resurrection.What preceded these events was last supper he hold for his disciples ;he drank from a cup of wine and shared bread with his followers.

To ask ourselves, what we really celebrate about Jesus Christ?Isn’t it his Human and God’s unity?There is no other man in history to have such characteristics ;he was the only who jointed divine and human spirit and body in one person-to be God and Human Being at the same time.What was he trying to say us?Having isolated in the desert places he met devil by suffering many temptations before getting the battle-it was his self improvement path plated by meditation. Being a mortal being but all the time aware of God’s origin ,he had only one way-to try beating death ,to be immortal that he was referred to by his divine heritage.Inevitable, in that struggle  he got one battle more-he won old age;that is where we find track of Holy Grail as source of eternal Youth.

Immortality and eternal youth- as consequence of it .Such precious gift scoops from own source in every Human being.We must assuming that Divine beings are in advantage over temporal beings/it happens to be us/. God’s gorgeous spirit created our appearances with bodies following the all he already made:heaven, earth,light,plant,animals.;there was no need of proving  spirit’s excellence over material .Jesus Christ had only gave a proof more:he rose from his physical body and his spirit won mortality.In the Testament we meet his message he left for the  future generations of Mankind:Humans have no other task but to follow a path of self development,to draw from inside of themselves last particles of their beings to bring closer divine nature, tracks of which they follow.My testament is my own way of self improvement achieved by my personal efforts following Jesus path;my mind has been my Holy grail in reaching eternal Youth.

We may not be sure was Jesus Christ destiny fate or reward,or it was  his choice to demonstrate strength of will and most beautiful gift we received-Mind.In light of such a regard we must be astonished by his act .The example he gave us is so powerful and magnificent that happens to be hard conceived by most people on earth-no many understand and follow.Is there any mistake ? Why does so small number of  people think of it and sacrifice time and themselves to be perfect?I confess to be puzzled-no answer;or to think it must be as it is ,for there are ones who are gifted and ones who are not.

If you have asked yourself by now what is Holy Grail-the truth is: try to find it in yourself,by keeping in your mind Jesus Christ’s glorious appearance, acts and teaching.

Since Jesus lived on earth in Human effigy ,tracks of his legacy have been his blood and body.It is visible from happenings at the last supper and his addressing  to disciples;Jesus took the bred,breached it and gave them by saying:Eat,this is body of mine!Then,he took a glass of wine:Drink ,this is my blood that would be sloped for many!The cup that he drank from makes a theory of being Holy Grail.My apprehension goes much wider;I’m thinking of his blood carrying life in its particles,colored by special meaning of each one of them,i think of being his own blood,blue and strange,i am proud of being of Royalty bloodHoly Grail ,again one knowledge  more that says he had woman to give a birth to a child and that way gifting to him ancestors.I believe to be the one, chosen to carry blue and glorious blood of eternal Youth.

Do you still ask yourself which one of paths to follow?Confused?It is all about Jesus Christ’s teaching;no forces,only choice!You are the one who make choice,you possess  free will,you can do everything you want with your will.He called you to go after him by following him in the most accurate path going toward Divine brightness;it is symbol of perfection that he was longing so much.


My Holy Grail
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Holy Blood, Holy Grail
Holy Grail
Israel in Bible Prophecy
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Sources of Holy Grail

“The Holy Grail is generally considered to be the cup from which Christ drank at the Last Supper and the one used by Joseph of Arimathea to catch his blood as he hung on the cross. This significance, however, was introduced into the Arthurian legends by Robert de Boron in his verse romance Joseph d’Arimathie (sometimes also called Le Roman de l’Estoire dou Graal), which was probably written in the last decade of the twelfth century or the first couple of years of the thirteenth.”read on  http://www.lib.rochester.edu/camelot/grlmenu.htm

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Dear Friend,


I’ll begin this post as a letter for the love of you and the one of most famous Secret that people longing for,over and over again. 

It is about staying Young forever,fountain of eternal Youth,or how it is best known “Holy Grail” 

There are lots of questions that need to be answered: Who is allowed to be granted with precious Secret of staying Young forever?

Do you need to have Magical Power and being in knowledge of Magical words?

Are you still thinking of selling own soul to Devil, which was widely represented by Great Writers?

I don’t know,shall i disappoint you or not, because what i offer to  you are not Techniques and Methods

already seen before.I don’t say they, along with Meditation and Self Improvement as well,

are not present, but in my case all have been interwoven by personal life experience.


I EXPERIENCED it, that is why i think my writing to be worth reading..

There is an open question unanswered:will my Story affect you?         

I sincerely hope you will find your Secret Grail    



       LONG LIVE WITCHES                                                                                              


I believe, an idea that I realise here, with all my love to you,has been present inside of me, since my birth.From my earliest days there was something*abstruse*and at the same time *attainable*waiting for me. 

What the look of*Mystery* is,and how i achieved destiny predicted for me,you will get to know reading my sacred Manuscripts. During my lifetime I was drawing new strength from this Secret source I dare to name *Secret Grail*,known by most of you as *Holy Grail*  

 Naturally,Holy Grail as the source of being Young forever is the inspiration Theme of all generations through the Centuries.Maybe,i must give a correction:personally,i think it was first of all the privilege of the exceptional Individuals and Intellectuals.The Eternal Youth is dedicated to rare and unusual persons because ,only He or She is able to spend a lot of time in the Spirit Mind practice.


 It is needed Great Effort and Strong Desire to achieve the Perfection.
Jesus Chris taught us about the way of Self-Cognition. In my opinion, he was the First Man to be
granted with the Secret of Eternal Youth. 

Leonardo da Vinci created Mona Lisa like his version of being” Young” forever.

 Who didn’t fall in love with the Picture of Dorian Gray?

Author’s view of the world reflected through Strong Desire being physical and spiritual separated from the others.

*The Youth is the only thing worth having*

*The Beauty is the Wonder of Wonders*


Don’t think I said the whole Truth!

/You must read my e-book/ 


My personal SECRET of My Eternal Youth is hidden in one WORD –

Read carefully


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Who is allowed to be granted with precious Secret of staying Young forever Do you need to have Magical Power and being in knowledge of Magical words? Is still considered to selling own Soul to Devil? What was widely represented by Great Writers? I don’t know ,will i disappoint you or not, because what i offer you are not Techniques and Methods you have already seen on Internet so much times. I don’t say they, and Meditation and Self Improving as well, are not present, but in my case all have been weaved by Personal Life Experiences.      

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