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The Doll by Bolesław Prus | New York Review Books.

I read the book a long time ago,and i warmly recommend  for reading in your free time.

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New Year’s Dreams

The first New Year

Long ages since, when Time was young,
A blissful couple sat and sung
In Eden’s lovely fields so fair,
Before the tempter entered there ;
The rosy hours were whiled away
In sweet repose, or gentle play ;
One little darling, lovely boy
filled both their hearts with boundless joy.

Young Adam watched the stars at night,
and saw the constellations bright,
Along the grand ecliptic’s face
“Where the great globe with lightning pace
Swept onward in its annual round,
Till it the starting point had found,
Then rose his anthem loud and clear :
“Oh, God, bless thou the opening year ;
To us thy children show thy face,
The new year bless for all my race.”

Then spoke the Lord, “thou son of Earth,
With each dead year shall come a birth,
While the world doth its trach  pursue,
The year shall he forever new ;
Thy race may perish, and at last
The globe be into darkness cast ;
The glittering stars may cease to shine,
*But until then, thou son of mine,
While this mighty globe doth roll,
And light doth shine from pole to pole,
My word i give ; be of good cheer
I’ll bless for them each glad new year.”

The infant samuel 1776 by Sir Joshua Reynolds

The Infant Samuel by Sir Joshua Reynolds

This is a lovely song i have found in the old archive:from old catalog .It is called “The first New Year” by George Warwick.The verses are so beautiful that my only respond to them might be a personal New Year’s story inspired by its grace and magnificent.


I love travels with the taste of unusual and strange;no date no time,woven from my dreams and the dreams of many who dreamed before me all with a hope to come to the end,by wondering themselves all the time,whether an end exists and the final truth would be ever disclosed.There are many unsolved puzzles to tickle my mind,i have no doubt it is with many of you as well;The biggest one is about Creation of the world and whole Universe.Have scientific and religious presentations and some kind of mix of both in our heads;whatever to be true i bear in my mind a veil of misty picture and mystery in the all.I simply like to feel something mysterious to wind me;it might be a longing for more beautiful existence in every regards;more beauties to be seen or happier and cleverer people around me.

You can search for beauty wherever you want and in that quest first and basic is Beauty you find in yourself and in your mind…cherish that picture about yourself all the time of your traveling.Being in love with yourself is the main principle which the whole universe rules with.It is the law we spin around all together.Every negative fluid affects you and ambient where you live.The nature expresses its wounds by throwing out lots of magma and ashes,shaking the ground and making fierce storms;that is the moments we feel fears,complete scared by nature’s power and strength.And it is the time you think:My God i shall be good and make only good deeds,just save me and be merciful!

We are just so tender, bashful and frail creatures!Yes, we are sometimes so funny and poor,because forget so quickly how tiny and small we are.

And again remember yourself of watching into the sky when the clouds have gone to other destinations ,out of your views,to wonder through the space,peer into darkness toward bright and glorious Stars and their shining homes-there is Beauty and magnificence of the Creation,there is also a friendly hand to get you through your loneliness.And a look to them recovers lost dignity and makes you as being honored by own presence in the whole.

Every time i need company i see and think of that glorious roof above me,i have a friend ,i have an asylum,i am part of the magic and perfection.

And it seems that everything hovers by some rules and a precious watch-we count seconds,minutes and hours till the New Year comes and then all again.

The new Year is really so special and loved by all of us as a new cycle of births where we look for new happiness,new joys,new hopes and new dreams to come true.It looks like new beginning over and over,and we need them because we missed something in old year or we experienced something bad and wish to leave it behind us.Whatever reason to be,we long for new beginnings,we promise ourselves to be better and smarter,we hope to succeed where we failed,we wish more love than have now,or wait for new meetings,and new jobs and to become rich.Sweet dreams and there is nothing wrong with them.


Dreams make us better people!

Dreams give us new hopes to love life even more and to pursue it!

Dreams teach us that it is never ended,as long as we are able to see a new path ahead.

Dreams love us and take our hands and lead us to new horizons to see new stars and Glory.

Dreams show new signs to follow,perhaps the forecast we slipped in the past to see.

Dreams are our friends and sometimes just send a lovely and lost face to meet each other.

Dreams beat our fears and enemies,all bad and unpleasant things going away with their hidden strength.

Dreams allow us to travel with a charming spice because you never know what the next destination will be.

Dreams send our lovers to give us a kiss we  crave for …..

Dreams pursue new achievements we never thought before….

Dreams give the rest to our souls to recover inner vigor

Dreams make gifts for us and lots of  fine surprises….

Dreams become our guardian if we get lost in our way and make new roads for us.

Dreams warn us about danger to be faced with in our close surrounding

Dreams are our saviors as we escape into a peaceful harbour.

Dreams are sometimes first place to meet your Great Love

Dreams are first ally and  friends in life of your child

Whatever Dreams you have,every one is a Gift for you,never neglect their  meaning and collect them in your memory,the same way as you amassed many from previous Years and ones from the ages have been a long time ago and you have not been aware of.

It is a message for You, dreamed the whole Year whose end is so close and you think of New Year’s Dreams to hunt.

Remember that it is Your Dream and the way you allow them to lead you defines path awaiting for You.Don’t let untrue dreams be your polestar in the future.Be true to Yourself,love yourself,go for genuine people,give your best,love your darling,respect friends and parents,send some warm words to everyone in loneliness on this magic New year’s Eve,send some greetings and cards,kiss your lover,give some present away,be good friend,play with your children,take walk in beautiful nature and embrace it and your Creator,call it God’s will ,love God,dance with the stars and dispel clouds from misty heaven and go


Happy New Year Pictures, Images and Photos


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How ancient plants and soil fungi turned Earth green.

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