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I can not run away from my Childhood.Every new story i start to write or every single thought to come into my mind,it is always related to the earliest days of my life.And still i am not in the age to look back at my childhood by remembering it and writing memoirs.The only possible ingredient ,responsible for my condition might be an account of free time and some feeling of being lost in the present.I suppose i need to make it to be clearer for you,but if i began to explain all,it would swallow whole story.I hope,as you go toward the end of this writing,that you would be able to get a picture or a piece of my incentives that led me to write and express my deep thinking and senses.

As i think of the time when i was a child and relate it to nowdays,i wonder myself:what is wrong,or what was wrong,between that time and the all i have now.It is like i’m trying to stretch out my arm and touch some of first joys and happy smiles i used to have on my face;but they have gone forever….the way i saw people has been changed.Our common creator gave us wonderful time to enjoy in the beginning of our lives,and then,it seemed like let us go to search for happiness on our own.

"Little Girl in one of wine leaves umrankten window"

"Little Girl in one of wine leaves umrankten window" The Painting by Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller

I remember first Christmas card i received from my father when he served his time in the army.It was a lovely paper card,featured a little girl,resembled me,with short hair and stunning look in the eyes,curious and aspiring to knowledge.You could easy see a hint of hidden mystery and self -contended look,which, as little girl was growing up,became so true.It also expressed a self-conscious,a condition that is especially remarkable in so young age.

I have not finished the description of my Christmas card-there were two birds on the window;i missed to say that the girl,pictured on the card,watched through the window. In my schooldays i collected New Year’s cards /we sent them on occasion of celebration of  New Year/and i still have them in my possession,to rest in a lovely tin-candy box,in which,i used to hold delicious candles.I am sure you know of what i think and talk, and that you like them as well.It kept covers of chocolates and bonbons,and paper serviettes alike.On occasion of my last Home Saint celebration,i put aside a few of serviettes to save,i have not quitted yet that desire.

And no one has noticed and said anything about that;the adults have own flow of thoughts ,they have no time to look at such ” unimportant baubles”,their thoughts go to reach more important things,whatever to be…even some nonsenses…usually gossips, which a child hardly to understand,because their thoughts wander through wonderful lands called “Imagination”.

And to ask one kid about a way of making  the mature persons happier he would find himself in wonder:Is it so hard being happy and smiled?By sharing a wide smile throughout the  face.If you have forgotten on such little childish things,afford to yourself the company of a charming child and share in all common jokes,plays and talks the children practice among each other.

The best time for that,to offer a chance to yourself,are Holidays,in particular Christmas as the most favoured and happiest for all children and us as well.


Have you ever thought about a Christmas Book to make it for your joy and of your children?I don’t say it must be necessarily paper-book or hardcover,i suggest you to walk along the way of imagination,or to do it by offering knowledge of the oldest Book ever created in the world”The Bible”;i say the oldest book,but what i keep in my mind is one unwritten book,that you hold in your imagination to tell it forever.

The Bible and The New Testament are the greatest stories to be ever narrated,they come to be something like our Birth Identity ,our origin and identification.Most important to me  is LOVE which is woven into the text to be main idea followed from the beginning of the narration.What teaches Jesus Christ and each preacher?And what do you say to your child about Christianity and God?What means Christmas to you and how do you explain its meaning to children?

In my CHRISTMAS  BOOK  i begin with Imagination:there was a boy who was born in a little country in the Middle East named Israel,and located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.It happened that Jesus was born in Bethlehem/the town in Israel/and grew up in Nazareth.His father was Joseph and mother Mary,that one day was visited by angel Gabriel to send a message to her ;it was about her to be chosen to give birth a son by the WILL of God.

The moment of  Jesus’ birth is the most joyous day in the history of the Mankind,by bearing a message of LOVE  and most beautiful in his teaching which you pass on to the children.The fact that he was conceived by virgin Mary implies the importance of innocence and purity in Human relations.It is a higher form of human existence to flow through the sphere we see above our heads each morning after getting up;the heaven itself, with its endless roof to symbolize eternal life offered by God and reached by the ones who believe in the most beautiful characteristics,inherited and enriched in our beings.You teach your child about all the values  to follow:Honesty,Goodness,Love,Respect,Condolence,Peace and Understanding among people.

One of more important messages, to embrace all the text of the Gospel concerns FREEDOM,not only in a form of Human behavior than as manifestation of a free WILL  for you to follow.You can be whatever you want,there are no limits on you and are free to go where you want,do what you want, say whatever you wish…..To me it is the greatest in Jesus’ heritage and most intriguing!

By making your being, God had not implemented in you any limitations:no barrier for You to be good or evil;no obstacle for you to live in peace or in ruffle;no prohibition to go to war or live in peace…to pursue to even the most extreme in man’s behavior-committing a murder ..all is left to a man and his will.

In the Bible and the Gospels have been signified consequences and punishments to come after making bad deeds.There are moments when you will punish your child in some way if  you are not satisfied by his behavior.But it is only about Fear..nothing more;all good and magnificent in one being is received by birth and cherished by one’s personality,in nourishing and good education.That is on parents to nourish their children,give all love and support, to protect them of bad surrounding and acts,to give their hand if it is necessary.


By receiving abundance from such a well,your child will grow as a rose in the garden or a Tree in the forest,to become a beautiful cherished flower and to spread around oneself only joy and happiness;to lure every soul in its eagerness for more attention,success and love.

There are many people in the world who are deprived of basic human goodness and accommodations.It is your chance and call for you to show how there is a home  for all of them, there is a meal on the table and a plate to share with your family,together with candles to light in the Christmas Night.There out of your house might be a passenger or traveler to wand around and spot your warm home looking through a window and see all of you seating around,blessed in your ambient and enjoyment.

CHRISTMAS is a reminder of all good to adorn Human soul..

CHRISTMAS  is one day in the year to honour Jesus Christ and his coming into the world;

CHRISTMAS is your chance to give forgiveness to all who hurt you some time ago..

CHRISTMAS is about new approaching to your children and making some correction in common relationships..

CHRISTMAS is about giving much more Love each other …

CHRISTMAS is about building new hopes for better future…..

CHRISTMAS is about time to say prayers and genuine ask for forgiveness and fulfillment of your desires….

CHRISTMAS is about calling your close friends to come and spend a magic time together…

CHRISTMAS is about sending beautiful gifts to people you love and appreciate..

CHRISTMAS is about Charity,act of sharing all of your possession with the ones in need…

CHRISTMAS is about thinking of some lonely people around the world and taking an account of time to being with them..

CHRISTMAS is about saying:I Love You to someone in case you missed  to do it some time ago ..

CHRISTMAS is about Falling in Love over and over again…

CHRISTMAS is about playing and spending with children a little more time…..

CHRISTMAS is about giving gifts to the dearest in your life……


there are few sentences to give honour to some of the greatest pens we met in the history or to remind of their style in writing..



Christmas tree

Christmas tree


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*To die may not be as hard as to live*

I was only a little child since i began to notice surrounding  in all its abundance of Colors.Beautiful and Magic Colors, but for difference of that, dominant color in my relationships to people was gray.I never was able to make *intimate and easy*contact to the others.I believe, there was no understanding between me and men i got to meet, and wrong belief  of having no wish  to make friends with many of them.My God,when i’m thinking of that,i must confess that it certainly was my guilt .There must be i was quite different with all my *twist* contemplation, ideas,incapable to talk about common things of interest for majority.
So,i was striving to get closer to people and at the same time i running away.

How great is my LOVE for people,testifies my Painting;villages and peasants i liked the best.Living together with them i had a feeling of security.Watching their agony sprouted from their hard work i was suffering and striving to put such suffering on my Canvas

The solution has always been  COLORS.That is WHY i was going CRAZY!
Looking for suitable Paint to express passion and flaming atmosphere of present Murders,Prostitutes and Wanderers in Café, i went Mad!
Dear Theo,
*The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh*if there was my Blame for being *Crazy and Despised*it comes from simply fact*I expose my Life to danger for my WORK and because of that my Mind is Dark.”

This is a quotation from his letter , found to Vincent on the day of his death, July 29 th 1890.

The Night Café

“”In that painting  i was longing to express how café is the place where man can be destroyed,to go mad and make crime”


I am sure that you have been fostered by love  great Minds  devoted to their works, with a feeling of a need of more understanding of what the lives of these people looked like.

There is no doubt that they have lived their lives in an unusual way ,not only for their creative powers than because surrounding  in which their masterpieces were made.Carrying a load of Creation, it was often difficult for them to make a living from own works. Van Gogh entirely matched this pattern .He was hungry during his life-a piece of bread and some coffee for few days until  money from Theo has come.

Vincent Van Gogh:About God and his work:*That is about unsuccessful designs and man loves the Artist who made them. This world had been slap together when Creator didn’t know what he was doing,when he had no awareness of himself….But,only great Masters can be so hard mistaken .”

I like this Quotation!

I am amazed at colors;colors and feelings determine his Work.

*What does drawing mean ? How it could be reached? It is an act of breaking through invisible wall placed between what we feel and what we are able*

This Story represents my free artistic interpretation of the Artist Life that i have  drawn Inspiration from.
Thank you.

The link to Irving Stone’s Masterpiece *Lust for Life* based on the letters Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo.

Lust for Life



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