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There are heart-breaking stories filling your mind and soul with smooth-spoken words and smooth voices, whatever literary genre to be about:drama ,tragedy or comedy,novel,legend or epic…and with any kind of theme:love,historical,psychological or war…. Anyway it seems that love has always been present,we can show it from the time when written forms came into life and called literary styles.  

Shall we remind ourselves of Shakespeare, where sweetness of literary language has been pervaded with thoughtful ideas on human being and a necklace of all features appear in their relationships,which stringing  betrayal,trust,love,hate.. .His writing was speech of Poetry….  

But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief,
That thou her maid art far more fair than she:
Be not her maid, since she is envious;
Her vestal livery is but sick and green
And none but fools do wear it; cast it off.
It is my lady, O, it is my love!  

/from Romeo and Julia/  

One more encounter with all appearances that the dawn of Mankind brings to life we meet in Goethe’s Faust absorbing verses and three main characters involved :Faust,Margaret,and Mephistopheles  

Day? Yes, the day comes,–the last day breaks for me!
My wedding-day it was to be!
Tell no one thou has been with Margaret!
Woe for my garland! The chances
Are over–’tis all in vain!
We shall meet once again,
But not at the dances!
/from Faust/  

It is melody composed by hand of a virtuoso and millions and millions hoards of people coming into the world and dying in a twirl of mystic surrounding,wondering themselves about perpetual mystery of life and death and not finding answers.And Love ,as the purest form over all the rest appears to be a sacrifice;it could be defeat or triumph,anyway ,still Love resists to everything as the most beautiful touch of Human soul , never beaten,and never to lose its meaning.Even it happens to die,it seems like a ghost raises above body and gives its soul to the Heaven.  

Every one of them,think of Authors,have been seducing us,regardless it was on purpose or by chance….they got us,and we embraced their most beautiful forms of creations and beauty we find in magic composed sentences.  

Ernest Hemingway in Kenia 1953

Hemingway in Kenia 1953


Love can speak in many ways,and now,after this introduction,it speaks about a real story where imagination has been left to you, to picture Author’s view of things happening around,and still you will be able to live through all gifts of nature and lost worlds between life and death with strange creatures,by feeling gorgeous relationships among characters who recite story about whole Humanity-each one of us.  

“For whom the bell rings”  

After reading this much appreciated novel by Ernest Hemingway,it seemed to me that i had plunged into beautiful ocean,while being unaware  by which means i reached there.In case of Hemingway’s writing it must be an outcome of the act of Genius.He simply leads you through his narration,you watch characters,play their games,listen to their talks,everything is so real,nothing magic…no devil,no wizard,no flattering  phrases..  

My Queen,my the only sense of life….  

There was everything so live in this novel,pure Reality ,and now you ask yourself:How does it happen that you are so attracted by his writing,and why do you have a sense of swimming in beautiful sea ,and wondering at all mysterious undersea live world there?  

Isn’t  it all  a consequence of his great sensuality,his great intellectuality and imagination,and over all ,isn’t it about great Human appearance in this world-GREAT MAN  

Let me suppose that all beautiful attributes which he possesses himself have been borrowed by his absolute unique prose,or his works stole them-reflections of inner beauty and strength to spice themselves.That is why i get an impression of traveling after which i am with no knowledge of where i have been,what i have seen,and still i only long to plunge into it more and more.All the Beauty looks like running from me, together with each answer torturing me/It is strange.  

Robert Jordan as main character/who joined Spanish guerrilla during civil war against fascism/ is a common figure;there is no calling for obscure forces or possessing unearthly abilities;his story is a story of all of us,it pulls all Mankind’s history,untold and told,seen and unseen ,he is not alone,we are with him in the all.He is mirror of  a warrior – numerous ones in wars across the world,fell and dead in many battles;he is living memory of his family and the others living in different places,but at the end, the destinies of them come back to the beginning-story about a Human being ,a traveler through space and time in eternal wandering between line of life and death,and with questions waiting to be answered.  

Who we really are and how we see each other he is presenter of  an army of Humans who ever lived on Earth;one comprehensive question that was characteristic of Hemingway’s endeavor to embrace the destiny of all the Humanity in one being and give answers.And one of dominant question has been Death- facing death and in a flash before it,thinking of past life,finding some good things you had,ones you would never have,and at the end seeing the Man to be winner;Man who arises above all disasters and regardless of his gratitude of given life,he is the one to stay high in the end as he says:See,i look at your face,i know of what you did to me,and still i am the only to draw strength from myself and choose whether to leave this world with bowed head or risen over all.  

Suicide which was Hemingway’s personal fate,could be stay open question,but i can offer a possible answer;To Hemingway,it was also a challenge,it took great personal courage,because you endanger possible rage of unknown forces;he took his chance to face it, and he was one of the rarest in world to really live through his life and seize death.  

For Whom The Bell Tolls

For Whom The Bell Tolls


“You do not run onto something like that. Such things … don’t happen. Maybe it never did happen, he thought. Maybe you dreamed it or made it up and it never did happen.”/Robert Jordan/  

One thought to honour the importance of meeting with Maria and birth of love,which doesn’t happen often in life, and should be embraced immediately.That is glory of life over dreams,while living true earthly happiness.And there are no outer decorated sounds of music in your ears,but still that Real True Love speaks louder and stronger than many narrated by whole orchestra playing its symphony.  

“Maria, I love thee and thou art so lovely and … so wonderful and so beautiful and it does such things to me to be with thee that I feel as though I wanted to die when I am loving thee.”  

Somewhere,deep in us lies seed of the ultimate and highest feelings and happiness,thereby our wish to stop ourselves and keeping  it while losing our existence.  

Then you and me we are the same,” Maria said. She put her hand on his arm and looked in his face. He looked at her brown face and at the eyes that, since he had seen them, had never been as young as the rest of her face but that now were suddenly hungry and young and wanting.  

“I love thee as I love all that we have … fought for. I love thee as I love liberty and dignity and the rights of all men to work and not to be hungry.”/R.Jordan  

Want more marvel from Hemingway?It is about all beauties of nature,starting with Sun shining and lawns, and the all is so perfect  implanted and inherent of characters. There are no excessive descriptions to impose you such impressions; no ornaments too much ,but all is vivid and painted,so strong,we can almost unerringly hear rivers, see blue heaven,listen to blessed tweets of birds,we feel softness of grass where Jordan lies. ..and Blind can see,Deaf can hear,lame can walk……Isn’t it MIRACLE?  

And we must be admired by Hemingway’s magnificent reflection on events and expressed feelings, for all of that!Imagine, he was able to give ear to deaf one, eyesight to blind ones..What better gifts you could possible give Mankind?Hemingway has in best way returned all conceived by his birth,by equaling during his lifetime in real sense an idea of Creation and Miracle of Jesus Christ,with his own Grandiose WORK.  

His works:That is a PANEL  filled by his Divine attributes,and it was inevitable that he surmounts  his work,and that is why in my review i speak more about HIM.He had courage,which is not so common, to jump bonders, go for adventure like a true venturer in some unknown lands and meet strange people.And there,he perceived another being to be like him,like any of us ,all joined in pain and fear, in hate and love, in truth and lie,and friendships and enemy,and in longing for eternity and better life.  

Thereby a title named:”For Whom The Bell tools”  

And probably more than in other literary works where we meet a Great Mind ,this is more about meeting with a GREAT MAN alike,who was able to make marvels,which was only seen at the beginning of the world and you guess who was there.  


“He looked down the hill slope again and he thought, … I hate to leave it, is all. I hate to leave it very much and I hope I have done some good in it. I have tried to with what talent I had.”  

“Who do you suppose has it easier? The ones with … religion or just taking it straight? It comforts them very much but we know there is no thing to fear. It’s only the missing that’s bad. Dying is only bad when it takes a long time and hurts so much that it humiliates you. That is where you have all the luck, see? You don’t have any of that.”  

Death, seen as liberation,so acceptable as continues flow of lives and deaths;a way like plants dying and give births again..no difference.It is Greatness reflected through cognition of Universe in its fullness and equality against all created ,visible and invisible.  

And why would you be afraid of Death?There is no fear.If a Man has courage to live his life with complete strenght of body and efforts of mind,with courage to go after unknown,and in that road to explore, to learn,to help others and to receive rewards and defeats alike-It is about a man who is fiery in Love,while leaving nothing in this world but to be experienced in full ecstasy and devotion.  


Hemingway sends a message:You can testify that i didn’t spend my life in selfishness, i GAVE YOU more than i had myself!  

He was one of rare men on Earth who really deserve to be glorified shoulder to shoulder with the only originators of the world!  

There is still an open question about Hemingway’s Death:is it acceptable or not,right or wrong!Partly i answered it, but i shall refer you here  to Jesus Christ and his crucifixion-was there not present a voluntary surrender to destiny?  

 “Dying is only bad when it takes a
long time and hurts so much that it humiliates you. That is where you have all the luck, see? You don’t have any of that.”

Whatever your personal attitudes on death,you must recognize Hemingway’s Greatness about way his hero looks at it and his strenght to face dying.  

“Maria is my true love and my wife. I never had a true love. I never had a wife. She is also my sister, and I never had a sister, and my daughter, and I never will have a daughter. I hate to leave a thing that is so good. “/R.Jordan  

If you never felt power of LOVE and still without knowledge of why it is essence of happiness,try to go into mind of a man who dies and last thoughts dedicates to his love;he made all in his power to get her feeling how death doesn’t exist,it only happens that they going on their travel together .  

“Listen to this well, rabbit,” he said. He knew there … was a great hurry and he was sweating very much, but this had to be said and understood. “Thou wilt go now, rabbit. But I go with thee. As long as there is one of us there is both of us. Do you understand?”  

It is luck to him,that he made her to go…  

And death has been delayed for few moments,because he was able to do more good things in so short time for others there.. and death would come from another hand….  

“It’s wonderful they’ve got away. I don’t mind this at … all now they are away. It is sort of the way I said. It really is very much that way. Look how different it would be if they were all scattered out across that hill where that gray horse is.”  

“No Man is an island,entire of itself,every Man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;if a clod be washed away by the sea,Europe is the less…any Man’s death diminishes me,because i am involved in mankind..and therefore never send to know FOR WHOM THE BELL TOOLS;it tolls for thee.”
John Donne  




This review is my free view on Hemingway’s life,work and personality;i even didn’t want to study many interpretations of his novels,because as i do it every time while writing reviews,i allow my imagination and instinct to lead me,and perhaps it is some kind of tribute to Hemingway;let’s suppose that he would really like to love him that way.  

Thank you   

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