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All happy families are alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

Famous sentence at the beginning of the more famous novel :”Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy.

Samoilova as Anna Sovjet screen version of Tolstoy's novel

Samoilova as Anna Sovjet screen version of Tolstoy's novel

I suppose you expect i take you to a known journey,with characters you already met in the book plotted by Author himself.It is another way, a path of your own imagination and experience ,because i believe that true challenge of writing a book is-to make your readers to liberate their fantasy,to spread knowledge they possess to reaching new horizons and truths ,never thought to lie hidden inside of their beings.That is the real gain and gift of writing and reading a Book!

May every writer be blessed and their sleepless nights granting you a wonderful journey,revelation and awaking your deepest unaware thoughts and hopes in better life.

I’m standing on the train station,broken heart and hopes in life to go on…it is the end,i fell in abyss that i can’t get out from.My salvation is my Death-i glorify Death!Am i right|?or i am beaten,by losing battle with myself -not with others!What I’m doing?It is my defeat… defeat of my death alike.I’m leaving this world with hate against myself-it is the worst detail of my life and everyone’s else-to leave the light of divine presence with hate!Great Sin!

Anna Karenina was caught in a snare-being not able to get out herself from betrayals-distorted,ugly,malicious,mendacious faces-monsters…like in a crooked mirror she saw people passing by the train and sitting in the coaches.There were no true laughs-just false faces of women and men in their monster appearances.”The girl-she is a monster as well” /Karenina/By looking at a couple she thought of how they already bored each other and how hate one another”It is inevitable  to hate these sad prodigies.”/Karenina/she was thinking before the final act.

The all seemed to be a torture.””Yes, what did I stop at?That I couldn’t conceive a position in which life would not be a misery, that we are all created to be miserable, and that we all know it, and all invent means of deceiving each other. And when one sees the truth, what is one to do?”The man is given sense to free oneself from everything which annoys him“/Karenina/ .If everyone betrayed you who or what you would  have to address to?What about God?Jesus Christ was crucified,and being abandoned by people,he surrendered himself to destiny that he believed God designated to him.It was not his message to us-to surrender ourselves….He agreed for his believed in Salvation of Mankind on the ground of his sacrifice….-that is key point in Jesus legacy/But,for all Christians there is different path:struggle,hope,belief,honesty, respect,love of yourself and other Human beings…It is glory of light over darkness.

What reach of conceiving missed Anna to stay fast to the very end?….cautgh in a magic circle of being lost in belief of the beauty of life;betrayed by the all ,the most by her lover Vronsky  unrequited love has been very hard to stand…there is only labyrinth with no outputs…it may be  great stroke which brings HATE against oneself and loved person.

“There,there in the middle to punish him and escape myself from every one of them and myself”   /Karenina/..she was thinking looking at the shadow of the  carriage.

There is a prediction from the beginning of the book,when a tragic event took place:a man was killed at the station on the day of her first meeting with Vronsky..That thought was present in her head as she made decision of committing a suicide.There was one moment when she asked herself:Where am i being?What I’m doing?What for?she was disgusted by own act.”My God forgive me everything!”/Karenina/

Being one of the most celebrated feature we posses ,Love has never been a simple gift-Great gift embraces  great commitments.If you choose to love with passion,being devoted to your lover,then chosen path is not facile….First it is about your Will-most precious human achievement to determine strength of your Love   ….i gave myself away to you ,now you can do what you want with me..it is on you….depends on you.. take it.. throw it aside….Am i a doll?Like a flower being planted in continual need of air, water,care,tender,attention….if you leave flower, it begins to vanish ..there is no care….what about us?-each neglect brings troubles,loss of trusting,anger over betray..and the most danger of all-Jealousy.Since she felt herself of being  neglected it brought Jealousy to everyone and everything..

No, you were not mistaken,’ she said slowly, looking despairingly into his cold face.  ‘You were not mistaken.  I was, and cannot help being, in despair.  I listen to you but I am thinking of him.  I love him, I am his mistress, I cannot endure you.  I am afraid of you, and I hate you. Do what you like to me‘”/Karenina/by giving a confession to her husband.

One of the most touched scenes in book is her meeting with son;she was in deep despair for being separated from him.”What are you crying for, mother?” he said, waking completely up. “Mother, what are you crying for?” he cried in a tearful voice.”I won’t cry …I’m crying for joy. It’s so long since I’ve seen you. I won’t, I won’t,” /Karenina/.

I am admired by child’s  ability to conceive in flash of thought the real truth;it is unbelievable how a small soul is capable of seeing things regard to relationship and feelings which are not recognized by the adults many times.Look at carefully the child’s eyes-that is where lies endless truth and understanding.

Don’t go yet. He won’t come just yet.”
The mother held him away from her to see what he was thinking, what to say to him, and in his frightened face she read not only that he was speaking of his father, but, as it were, asking her what he ought to think about his father.
“Seryozha, my darling,” she said, “love him; he’s better and kinder than I am, and I have done him wrong. When you grow up you will judge.”
“There’s no one better than you! . . .” he cried in despair through his tear/
Karenina and Seryozha/,


“Anna Karenina: What are you doing here?
Vronsky: You know that I have come to be where you are. I cannot help myself. »

What were biggest issues that their relationship suffered from? /Anna and Vronsky/?deficit of conversation-missunderstanding..for judging to the end of book,he chose a tragical destiny/went to battle against Turkey in Serbia/having been under hard pressure of social community in Russia  of the time,with lots of prejudices,he found himself a little lost,confused, incapable to find output..reason to value himself less than, evidentially he believed to deserve-main point for such deep gap of all the misapprehensions between him and Anna.If he had gotten more of Anna’s support the final chapter possibly would have had quite different look.In any case I can give up anything for her, but not my masculine independence,” he thought.

….maybe i hurt you it was not my intention,and now it feels like call of my soul to love you more;that is how woman becomes a slave…

Count Vronsky made great efforts to get recognitions for Anna in the world ,that they have been seen in,which was more  protracted by mutual quarrels between him and Anna.In  the whirl of a flaming love , lovers often strive to hurt each other.”At one time she would seem in love with him, and then she would become cold, irritable, and impenetrable. She was worrying over something, and keeping something back from him, and did not seem to notice the humiliations which poisoned his existence, and for her, with her delicate intuition, must have been still more unbearable.

Give a biggest Prayer to ones in great Love-they need that so much-for final consequences are so close….Death or Life…..”

I pray,     ..for i have been in great love limits of which are death..or life..How to save yourself having been betrayed by your Lover…looks like you lose all the beauty and support in your life…Only great Love of yourself and awareness of being a perfect being is able to save you..it is a known teaching Jesus Christ left you;to love yourself the most in the world,to follow him in the path of self -improvement  ..the all known and unknown,all deaths and lives, all loves and hates,all hopes and indignities,…..the all lie inside of you You are salvation …you go in new day…

You saved my life and now i have hope for the futurethere is always new hope and new life,believe me i went trough the hell..

I am happy if you found a few sentences to warm your heart and make to think further than possible reach of them has been..


Anna Karenina



Anna Karenina
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