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The Immaculate Conception by Velazquez

The Immaculate Conception by Velazquez

looking for the light

There is a wonderful mystery in existence of opposite poles:female and male;north and south;right and wrong;big and little;beautiful and ugly; light and darkness;love and death……i stopped here.

What was first difference we remarked in our childhood?Or a better question :how much have such differences been present in our minds?I found myself without an answer -i can’t remember of thinking about it  too much.With years being passed,my self -retrospection has become dominant.I ‘m thinking a lot of all possibilities our mind is exposed;in my mind circulates many thoughts and ideas to be researched,defined and crystal cleared up.My intention is to analyze everything and to find final solutions  in personal approach to each of issues flaring in my mind .Reaching pure awareness along the road has simultaneously meant finding the safe way toward self-confidence.Being in knowledge of legality of every notion,to know why it is in that way,to discover right formula in each appearance ,is genuine and truthful approach to mastering confidence in yourself.All this leads to getting to know yourself better by everyday in your life.A philosophy attitude has always been :when you know of something you get power over it.In the Bible we meet the tree of cognition as being figurative sign of  supreme power in possess of God/.The access to the tree was forbidden to Adam and Eva/-not by accident,in this case it was a mindful decision of depriving others in owning of Power alike.What happened later, has been a try of Jesus Christ to redeem Human sins in preparation to be granted with eternal life.Jesus himself went through a path of self -retrospection.Now, we only can assume was it allowed by God-or not,being God banned getting the knowledge from the tree of cognition.It appears to be a puzzle:Had Jesus Christ broken the rule established by God?The consequence of such act was his Crucifixion.Didn’t Jesus Christ cry:Eloi,eloi lama savahtani!My God,my God,why did you leave me?/Gospel by Marco 14.15/

Glorify Jesus Christ because he showed on his own example what is your way to master self confidence.

That is the way i built my self -confidence ;you can read a batch of books on related theme,but simple truth is that the real accomplishment lies in yourself.You must follow your unique way /i pursued it for years/ to get confidence and bring closer to divine truth.You have been alone in the road-no help from anybody,only you,self retrospection in using of own mind precedences.There are endless mind possibilities-you even don’t know of them unless you  try to reach them.

During my journey i got to know the known and the unknown-light and darkness, God and Devil.No,don’t be surprised-some of us will meet Devil,it is challenge waiting for you.Think of Jesus Christ,didn’t  he experience many of Temptations.


There are many aspects in mastering of self -confidence;one of them is awareness of your Beauty.Everyone wants to look beautiful;as it is in one fairy- tale where power upon earning of strength lies in some hidden part of body/hear, foot…/it is essential to know of your hidden power which is embedded in self confidence .My power lies in my *strange nature*-there are persons that in the past and for times to be coming, always called &strange&  people.They have been in both sexes -male and female.Thanks to magic particles my body and spirit have been constituted,i feel myself to be unique,i am in hold of unique colour which makes to be peculiar and magic attractive.

In order to conquer confidence,it is of importance the role that knowledge of your intellectual limits plays; finding out what are your excellences ,brings relief in your endeavors to be more confident,even you are not the smartest person in the world.Iam proud of my intellectual abilities ,they are a means to rely on in each life situation.

Something more about Beauty

Being in awareness of right moment when your beauty shines in its full brightness is hidden weapon.There is no necessary of your Beauty to be spread out in one glance-keep it a surprise, to glow in special events.My hidden weapon is my night beauty-my face gets magic colour;i save its splendid to extraordinary occasions.

To return to childhood and my favorite quotation : in childhood begins everything-our past,present and future.You discover first signs of your fate -it is only up to you to follow forecast .I name it forecast for its strength carried inside of each conceived idea.I can’t say what happens if you missed these first tracks,but honestly hope you can recover lost and make it up for.

Long Live Witches
Gift i got in my way of wining over hidden and powerful threads that our mind and spirit has been weaved of

Long Live Witches

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There is always a challenge of getting into the very core of an author’s creation;it could be an Art drawing,sculpture,photograph or book,anyway we must admit that each of them is marvel by itself.My prime interest is writing,although, i made earlier some drawings ,they are portraits.                               

Imagine for a moment to be sitting in the school desks again as used to do  in teen age, having before you a literary work you need to make an Analysis.There were many of schoolmates that found it to be difficult task -to put themselves into mind of a writer,to catch up final thought and follow path of thinking,getting to know of Writer’s life .Having said this last,i had something in my mind,for i believe,being myself one who tries to share some beautiful story using this useful tool invented by modern world ,every writer in creating a work tells a truth about oneself.

I chose an author who has for a long time  been present in my mind-Samuel Beckett and his masterpiece “Waiting for Godot”.


Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot is a play written by Irish author Samuel Beckett in 1943 in French language and translated later by him in English.Play puts  two actors in the stage where one of them named Estragon trying to take off his boot.Estragon and Vladimir/the name of the second character/waiting for someone by name Godot to come up.It is nothing spectacular,there is no excitable plot,only a simple waiting.What a genius idea,because behind each simple thought which has no clear consequence lies the most labyrinthine outcome.Let’s take that hank from the beginning :One  day you was born- little child without complete awareness of yourself and own origin.There had been a magic of living in *lost*world ,being still unconscious of a real life bearing challenges ,troubles and horrors,and between them death appears to be the most terrific fact waiting for you to get to know.Death is our final destination.You was born,lived your life and came to the end.You have gone forever.The question of death has been treated in many cultures and religions since Human civilization began its existence .There are Indian,Egyptian,China,Greek and all others civilizations with their look of death.Egyptians have own approach,preparing themselves to the final Resistance.The special Tribute had been given to Pharaohs who were carrying the essence cognition of ancient Egypt.In India there is wonderful saying of traveling Human soul;belief in reincarnation which had left numerous tracks in beautiful poems Mahabharata and Ramayana,all followed by great songs Hare Crsna and others.In Cristian world the greatest event was the birth and Resurrection of Jesus Christ,as symbol of eternal life that seeks of being deserved by every Human being.

In every possible respect,Human path was continual attempt to WIN  over DEATH.There is no acceptance for man of being mere turned  into nothingness.There is inevitable fact that we can’t reconcile to disappear one day and such solution doesn’t exist in our consciousness.If there were no deep religious belief in immortality of some people,at least existed Hope in some kind of Salivation and extension of life.There is an unconsciouses Hope of coming Someone or Something to solve our fate and save us of nonentity.And because we are not able to help ourselves on our own, we are WAITING for Someone to do it for us.

It is first WAITING-the  most important for meaning of Life itself and its value

Let’s begin now from inability to solve situation by our own action.Having been in such stage,no wonder for we watching in a far silhouette to gift us with precious knowledge and skills to live our lives forever,by reaching the Heaven.There is no clear contour of expected rescuer-only a few possible ideas in our head,nothing which could be concrete appearance.

What is a line to stop us of achievement  more accomplishments than we usually make?I forced myself by practicing meditation to focus my thoughts to an Idea which became my life goal-my polestar.An idea you have found inside of yourself is value to be followed;everything in opposite put you in stand of waiting for circumstances and other persons to reach what you don’t succeed on your own.But it is only a first thought,if you think about it deeper you will be able to recognize that you WAITING for YOURSELF!You wait for your DOUBLE!

Second WAITING- for your DOUBLE

Now we have been back in the beginning of  story:two men waiting for Godot,leaving us in dilemma :Who is Godot?

Love you this conclude and solution of puzzle or not, it is TRUE-you wait for your Double-being somewhere in a far place to come back to you and give a hand.One day ,when mysterious death comes along its way ,you will meet your Double;by now,i hope that you understood meaning of such Waiting -it is in vain; if you expect to make your life better and happier aspire to meet yourself now.

To get to know more about Samuel Becket and his work click these links going straight to Wikipedia

Act I and II

Characters:Estragon and Vladimir

                        Pozzo and Lucky

Interpretations:Samuel Beckett;Political;Freudian;Jungian;Existentialist

Samuel Beckett was born 1906-1989 is considered one of the key writers in Theatre of Absurd

Waiting for Godot

My writing is an Abstract, rather than a review,because i don’t make an analysis of work;i create an unique story by inspiration found in a writer’s creation.I don’t think it is a wrong way of approaching to literature, for a writer in writing  a story calls on readers to find own interpretations following their destiny and views on everything in realm of Human reach.

One profile of abstracts in my direction is win over old age;read story inspired by personal life experience and literature masterpieces,both mixed by fiction and reality.

Long Live Witches
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