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 There is an absorbing place in the Bible to keep my attention:

“And God made to sprout various trees ,nice for seeing and good for eating,and the tree of life in the middle of the Eden and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.”           

Adam and Eve    Paradise lost

Adam and Eve Paradise lost

God kept the knowledge of making difference between good and evil for himself,and his first appeal to Adam was :not to eat from the Tree of knowledge,for in the day you taste it you will die.

The story goes on in granting the presence of a woman to Adam,for God saw that man was alone and needed a partner.He took a rib from Adam while sleeping and made Eve.God did it without permission and asking Adam ;God possesses supreme power ,knowledge of everything and it is his right to make  decisions on behalf of man.We don’t know anything about Adam’s will but the level of awareness- he understood God’s words and obeyed him in not taking fruits from the tree of Cognition.

First key moment:Awareness and Will

Eve was created in absence of awareness and will of her own;from that point of view,it was first advantage man possessed over woman.According to the Bible,a snake challenged Eve to taste from the forbidden tree ,which she did and made first sin.Eve made such decision by her will and some level of awareness that allowed her to perceive what snake told her.That is a point i like,because it shows woman’s strength and resolution in making decision and broking the rules.Eve was punished together with Adam and banished from Eden ,after that both became mortal.

There must be paid high price for every knowledge you long to achieve : often it means losing reverence from the others,conviction on solitude and common misunderstanding .Every move made by an individual to make some progress,becomes punished in many ways.One of the biggest obstacle in every-days efforts to improve ourselves and life in general, comes from stupidity.Why, to ask the question, one who choses to cast some light to knowledge being  achieved, in order to be passed on the higher limits,getting confronted by so much evil and absence of support from others?Does it draw its root from the first Sin and will to know more?

After throwing man out from Eden, everything has been set before Mankind;soon it was followed by first murder:Kain killed his brother.And that is when God expressed his surprise :What did you do?Something unexpected even from God himself?My explanation:There was no control over Man’s behavior;man could do just everything he wanted, there was no strength to stop him.Was God able to deter execution of the first murder ?We are not allowed to know about it anything,except of his surprising question,which could be sign of a disability to master Human destiny anymore.And that is where i recall a role of devil and possible answer have been Devil’s superiority regardless of whether such entity was built in a separate being or in man oneself.The fact of existence of Devil originates from the  Gospel,where we meet Jesus Christ to be tempted by Devil.If we turn to Lucifer who also was renegade for his disobedience,constantly we get to the point that somebody has always been punished from own effort and will to know more and more.I truly feel here a big dilemma and obscurity in my weakness to solve puzzle.

I wish to believe God wants Humans to live in Love and Unity,teaching us to love and respect each other,and live in hope for a prize  earned by servility.But, if God as Supreme being, created this world with abundance of beauties in nature ,how it is that there is no understanding for each achievement Humans make?If man is good ,working to gift new discoveries and further community there is no place for charges and punishment.I want to tell, you can’t be Good and Evil at the same time,if you are GOD!Unless ,Devil has been united in the same person-to be God himself!

From such a view, there is a sense of a try of  Jesus Christ to win  Devil-by struggling against evil which was rooted in Humans.He sacrificed himself,leaving us to think of message:Isn’t his Will to light your path,by teaching you that your Salvation lies on your own,you are that Being with load of good and evil!

You are the most powerful creature in the world,you hold the entire Universe in your hands.You really can everything!


You are perpetual circle of birth and deaths,changes and challenges,building and ravage,you create art,singing songs and painting paints,you are the only to be  able  to DREAM!Your dreams leading to Stars!More Lights in your life,that is the truth you meet in all of the holy manuscripts.


By practicing meditation, i felt what it means going from darkness to the light;i accepted the first Eve’s sin and to be brave ,curious, aspiring to knowledge , aware of the law of happiness and being in knowledge;Yes, i want to be close to the God’s Cognition,i AM the one who tasted from the Tree of knowledge to know of good and evil!I DARE to do everything  the TREE of cognition has to offer me!

The Tree of cognition becomes the center of all the happenings:source of Universe, the whole life,our knowledge and aspiration,the roots of which  reach every one of us.That Doom follow you through life  and you must continually be fed by KNOWLEDGE!

From the very beginning of appearance, Adam and Eve got permission to live together ,to know each other and multiply themselves.The sexual diversity was established and given right of choosing a partner who feels your being and feeds from the same fruit –we name it LOVE. The freedom earned by tasting from the Tree of knowledge ,leads to justifying everyone’s resolution  to being with beloved one in aspiration for Love.

In the name of great Love i have written e-book ‘Long Live Witches”that happens to be an expression of a woman’s power.

STAY YOUNG forever

Long Live Witches

My Sympathy goes to Julio Varela blog;enjoy AMAZING ARTICLES


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