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The key point in the Heredity of the Learning of Jesus Christ is Resurrection,fascinating power to rise from death and to be living again.The very Death,as something we fell like to be dark,secret,hidden,cold and deterring,has power of attracting Human thirst to seek for reaching the unknown.And ,after such magnificent occurrence of the Resurrection,we all have a different view of mystery of death.The same way we are admired by endlessness of Universe,its width and richness,we are now astonished by sweetness of being powerful and living longer than wonderful Space.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

But,ask yourself:was it the one way to think of birth and death and heritage of Jesus Christ?Didn’t he spend free time in wilderness by practicing meditation?And from such a place, he had brought to light the most astonishing thoughts and cognition depicted in the Gospel.Everything,he reached there has been obtained by meditation and through speech with God.One of the most important saying has been:Love yourself!Where did that come  from?I know answer:from deepness of self -retrospection by researching for subtlest and the most hidden truths inside own Being.I hope you can easy recognize a way of Self Improvement,that is why i like to say: Jesus Christ was the first person to practice Self Improvement!

One of most powerful sources in reaching  all benefits of self improvement lies in our earliest days:when i was a child i listened to an inner voice that told me to wait for *something* which starts its realising in later age of mine.Thinking of that now,i feel,it looked more like a *Forecast*of my Destiny.Now, i believe much more in sayings of many of the greatest minds in the past,who often in their notices left tracks of such a Forecast happened in  age of their childhood.From our childhood begins everything:our Present,our Future,and our Past.I say past,because , the same past gave a birth the whole life we live presently.And the all has been linked to be a circle-eternal cycle of birth ,life and death;a perpetual cycle in renewing itself The Nature does the same:instead of a tree that had fell and putrefied,it sprouts a new one on its place:a seed brings new life.Every morning brings new joy of Sunrise ,each afternoon a pleasure of enjoying beautiful Sunset.A magic flower, faded for its perpetual circle blooms again in continued chain of Beauty.Point your eye in far starlit heaven,maybe just that one you stare to, fares to be already silent to send its dead rays to you,and the rest of particles presently forms new Galaxy.There is a real hope that our Universe will last forever by following this simple law of Resurrection!

Resurrection depicted and experienced on this way,comes to be the Fate, not only for Universe,than everything possible created in our world;God’s law incorporated material and spiritual particles to inspire and bring to life a wonderful Being and name his work-Man.Jesus Christ might have stayed eternal enigma;we possess an interpretation given by the Bible and the Gospel.We know story of his birth in Vitleem,of his teaching passed on people,of his ability to cicatrize others and finally tragic execution on the cross.After that ,has happened the biggest Secret and the most powerful event to ever be – a Human Being-Resurrection!You can simply assume it to be an act of his teaching of making sacrifice in present life and getting praise in the Heaven in a form of eternal life.This is a point that i come back to the beginning of my story:teaching of self improvement.

What,if Jesus Christ left in heritage a message that tells us that our commitment to him and to ourselves is in trying to achieve Resurrection in present Life?To be born and to die before our real death?I believe it to be an obscure and undiscovered Secret of his Destiny and all the sense of his existence in our world.

Love yourself,practice meditation,make a research deep inside your mind-that is what Jesus was doing in a desert place,in his solitude.It is the road to know yourself in process of self improvement as one of the highest value to be achieved for time being.It is the way to get Power personifying strength to win Death!That is Jesus Christ made on his road to Eternity.That is what you need to do.No only waiting for salvation in the Heaven-it would be mean giving up your happiness and healthier life now.Salvation lies in days you live right now-don’t look for the Heaven to be the final destination in resolving your life and destiny.

One thing I never let to go away from my Mind-relation with Devil.Jesus has been tempted and lured by all possible ways by Satan;and he resisted to Devil.It was one battle he won.But,what about all evils to flow through Human veins?And what if voluntary cession of Jesus had been a Must,for his mission didn’t reach the main goal.

And the one thing he was able to do then ,was convocation of Apostles at the last dinner to share breed and leave his body,to drink from pot and leave his blood.Something had to be left undone and his existence in world broken.That is why i firmly believe,his message has been :we need to struggle with our inner Demons,to go along the way of self improvement to reach our final Destiny and Salvation!And not only to wait for Salvation on the Heaven!

Reach Resurrection in your present life!

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What did your CHILDHOOD look like?


Devil we was born with
Devil we was born with


 Can you remember the earliest days in your surroundings?
Did you play with your Schoolmates, or maybe you was alone?
My Childhood was a Big Fairy Tale-rich in play,imagination,full of laughter..
I wasn’t born like a child carrying HATE inside oneself.
Unfortunately, the hate that somebody was born with, finally define our FATE
The Secret Question and the Answer give us a HORRIBLE TRUTH-There is
Everybody draws the SIGN belongs to.
One Question came out :Are we really not able to recognize EVIL?
Maybe, EVIL has been present too much all around.
Maybe, being relationship with DEVIL is hidden,it makes we feel confused, and
again a terrible TRUTH: EVIL possesses ATTRACTION.
I think no SALVATION for Anybody-the little particles ,emitted by our Bodies,
work without our Control.

There is the one letter missing in *Evil*to be *Devil*;anyway,we connect Devil with something that appears to be *Evil* .Devil,present in our awareness as it happens to be now,bears evil,he is bad, craving to make obstacles and destroy our happiness.It has been one aspect of viewing of Devil.

What about another that happens to be different; Religious beliefs fill our minds with story about Lucifer who originally was an Angel and then fell on Earth; and what happened with squalid Lucifer? Isn’t it physic and spirit natural law to be jealous and evil?Resembles to Humans attributes,and confirm the Bible story about Eden’s origin Human Beings to be true.Adam and Eva had been banished from Eden/Garden paradise/

The book of Genesis/the Bible

God said Eva:”You must not eat from any tree in the garden”Adam and Eva could eat from all the trees in the garden except the tree of knowledge of good and evil.Satan led Eva to break promise she gave God.From the very beginning
Of the Genesis, Devil played his active role in creation and development of Mankind.That makes a black-white image of relationship between God and Devil;Good and Evil like a cross man carries during his life.Did really need Jesus Christ to be born and be scarified on the Cross? Was it his attempt to bring advance to Humanity?Did he lost the battle?Did Devil play his role again?

Watching people around me i see,very clear,a hard load they bear with themselves;deep planted sins of our ancestors follow us over the centuries-from the Eden.What is the way of recovering our immortality?Jesus Christ tried to redeem the primary sin of Adam and Eva,and unfortunately didn’t make it.Somewhere ,in a hidden place Devil detained Mankind’s rescue;and Man stayed mortal!

Thinking of that,maybe it represents a true picture of man;he/she is curious,willing to know and learn,aspires to joy and make happy, to laugh, dance, enjoy friends and party,to compete with others in order to be better ,all of it means: the Destiny of Humans has been inevitable-Man had to be born to make difference between good and evil!Man had to be born with Devil’s signs inside oneself.We all are the Kind of Devil! We all are his Children!


What role Devil played in my path of self improvement and reaching eternal Youth, find our reading my e-book”Long Live Witches”
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