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Everyone following simple and eternal truth that we as Human Beings were created to share our Beauty, Knowledge,Charm,Curiosity and Love each other and posses power to reach Infinity and move limits is Welcome .

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There is no miracle that many strive to be a Writer.”The word” itself lies in the very essence of our existence being of God’s creation,and  brings Charm of Seduce,spread undying beauty,leaves tracks of our history and allures us to give the best expression of ourselves.

“In the beginning was the word,and word was with God,and the word was God.”


“RICH” inside Life

*Rich* inside Life,filled with emotions,imagination and mostly thinking.In my saying the meaning of the word *Rich* refers to a person of Spirit ,a person of Intellect,a person of being able to make happy with birds,flowers on lawn,butterfly in fly,and one which eyes you can see the whole God’s creation in,to be shared unselfish with others enjoying altogether in genuine God’s LOVE.


What is our greatest Treasure?I should say-,Love we breed inside of ourselves by sharing every one of particles of our Beings with ones in the possess of the rest of Creation of Supreme Being ,as well as some invisible for our views ,which are in *reach* of our cognition only in our Thoughts.
To be Thoughtful
If i recall my childhood i see myself as one thoughtful child.I hadn’t felt myself too much comfortable in my surrounding-i preferred to be alone.My Solitude had probably come from the fact i didn’t like be in surrounding of usual and banal talks-i always was deeply plunged in Thinking,trying to analyze the others,to catch up and understand their entire Beings. 

The White Tiger -Book Winner 2008Best Books 2008


an American Poet and one of the most popular women writers
an American Poet and one of the most popular women writers


To Love and Read Book
I have been reading a lot of books.In my childhood there was a great Librarian , a Lady who felt in love with books.I remember ,once she asked me”Child,do you really read all these books?” by pointing on some i brought home to read.Regarding to choice of titles,it was up to me.I never made a mistake in picking up a Book.I have an unmistakable sense to pick up *right* Book that means to be excellent writing.        
To use your Creative nature to ennoble Writing
During my writing i experience a swarm of creative Ideas:i change my headline,i hardly take on writing ,even with no knowledge of subject to write about ,and *Words*are coming up inexhaustible.It is about Sacred Gift flows my blood to create wonderful narration;according as Creation is owned by God and reflects Divine origin,the same way writing as form of creation appears to be *Noble*
I often ask myself have i been granted with Gift to Writing from a Supreme Being;i believe to be *elect* to keep in my hands a wonderful load of Words that i am only being able to give a glown of Magic.
 Self Improvement
There is a question:What is the way to achieve Confidence in writing?Maybe, an answer lies in self-improvement.I was practicing meditation,there was a need to get to know myself to the limits of perfection.Self Development lead to transformation our entire Being,which represents a form of creation;we become more perfect Beings,capable to love with more power,which makes a position to better mutual understanding.

 Another Secret

 As you can see i have become a little Arrogant to name myself a WRITER,by writing in the first person.
One more
Invisible Ally
I have an invisible Ally who makes that my *Unknowingly* grows visible and real


My the most precious ” SECRET” to give you away lead you to source of eternal Youth.

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Long Live Witches


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