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Searching for Secret Grail


The  most precious Gift you have found in this unique place is Searching for Secret Grail. Forget everything you saw or heard in the past, i give you a chance to discover secret Word of Eternal Youth. My Story is based on my personal experience: it seemed my destiny has been determined by childhood. There is a dilemma left :Have i got the Gift or i have struggled for it?*

It happened that all my personal thinking,meditation,transformation of my body and mind have found their place in my favorite books, written by the greatest  Authors of the world.I have found myself in their magic stories that have been widely recognized for magnificent way in expression of Love and the rest passions human being bears as a Gift of Glamorous existence. Every particle of our Divine Creation gives an inspiration to looking for the very source of the beginning of Cosmos and our origin ,putting in the first place Spirit that i believe to be stronger then substance! In my opinion it is a key for understanding of God’s role in Creation of our life here on the Earth and Cosmos as well. That is why the Bible quotes:

*In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth. 

 And Earth was deserted and without shapes, and there was darkness over abyss:and Spirit of God rose over water.

And God said:To be LIGHT and was light.*

The strength of spirit is being testified by New Testament ,Gospel by John:



*In the beginning was WORD and word was in God and God was word.Everything became through word and nothing became without it, which became*
The White Tiger -Book Winner 2008
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In Word was LIFE and life was light to people*

Is there any connection between me and my site *Searching for Secret Grail*?I said: Spirit is stronger then Material.My testament of outspoken Words has been my struggle to win old age and reaching eternal Youth.I have found my Secret Grail-Eternal Youth with help of Spirit!For the centuries many triad to find Holy Grail in hope to  discover source of Eternity.One of thoughts to be represented across the Globe tells it is Cup that Jesus Christ drank from, bringing eternal Life .The Hope lives a long time in people’s life and some who possesses higher conscience about, craving to reach there, in every possible way,which has been recognized in the literature .To my knowledge this theme in the masterpieces of the greatest minds has been connected with Magic power-DEVIL always had his role in struggle to overcome obstacles:signing a contract with Devil and selling own soul as acting the Characters in the Faust or in The Master and Margarita.Why did Goethe and Bulgakov choose the darkness sides may be a question to discuss together.

Possibly, they and other like- minded people have been living with consciousness of the fact Man is not perfect that he was punished by God and not yet came to the point to deserve Eternal Life promised by God’s son Jesus! Until Jesus Christ has come for the second time and kept his promise, there has nothing left for Man to do but to ask for help from Devil!

My path has been weaved in both/Light and Darkness/ one that tracks *Light* and still is unknown , and the other that gets Help from Devil!

Read abstract *Long live Withes* to find Secret Word!

*It is needed Great Effort and Strong Will to achieve the Perfection.
JESUS CHRIST taught about the Way of Self-Cognition. In my opinion, He was the First Man to be granted with the Secret of  Eternal Youth. *

*My personal SECRET of My ETERNAL YOUTH is HIDED in one WORD *

Searching for Secret Grail


Long Live Witches


How to Stay Young?Find your Secret Grail of eternal Youth-Read

my e-book:Long Live Witches

Long Live Witches

 Get my e-book”Long live Witches”
Long Live Witches

 Searching for Secret Grail



Jesus’ Gospel by John
The Bible-signed

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The Bible -First Edition
Who is allowed to be granted with precious Secret of staying Young forever Do you need to have Magical Power and being in knowledge of Magical words? Is it still considered selling own Soul to Devil which was widely represented by Great Writers? I don’t know ,will i disappoint you or not, because what i offer you are not Techniques and Methods you have already seen on Internet many times. I don’t say they, and Meditation and Self Improving as well, are not present, but in my case all have been weaved by Personal Life Experiences.

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