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Green Love

"Genoveva in the Forest Seclusion" Adrian Ludwig Richter

Green Love
based on *Green Mansions*
A Romance of the Tropical Forest

Before i went to my Library i had not known anything about W.H.Hudson.Neither i heard about him nor i had read any book he wrote.
If you thought about a way i started my writing you would know that i had something more to say than simple facts!Of course,he was a Great Writer and i should have knew much more of him.His literary works were not subject of the curriculum in my secondary school/.
But, having a curious spirit i was searching through my library/i did it every time during my visit,fortunately i had permission for that/and finding really wonderful books, many of you like me never saw or read.If you have no such habits you don”t know what you miss!Please, go to your library and take a look at some of Book Titles placed there,which by paying tribute to flow of time, became yellow,i am sure you will find some *Gem* along them.

Hudson was born in a country /15 kilometers far  from Buenos Aries/and it might be said that the destiny had determined Green Mansions to be born.Wilderness was not unknown to him and there was no miracle for his big love of the nature.Was it only thing to lead him in writing with so much of passion about mystery and beauties of forest?
Think about:How Riolama was born ?Or who is Riolama?
Riolama was a beautiful girl,maybe there were no words to describe her beauty,seen in her physical look and spirit.She was pure Innocence,resembles blue sky,green leaves, fresh mountain’s river and tender bird chirping.The All in the Forest belonged to her.She understood the speech of animals , growth of trees and blooming of flowers.
What was the way to save Riolama?Mr Abolt/hero of the book along with Riolama/wanted her to stay in his near.Unfortunately,associated with her *Wild Nature* Riolama got away and lost her life.Mr.Abolt was not able to save beloved Rima/Riolama/

What i can say about Hudson’s motives to travel to a jungle and write about Forest?He could have simply described his impressions and feelings of  a *Paradise*.I believe,he experienced forest as a paradise.The Beauty of nature belongs to God’s Creation ,only God could give a Gift of unrivaled colors.And man being human being, craves for akin soul,he needs Love ,somebody to talk to.

Isn’t it a preference that Human being possesses over all other living creatures?Should be!A moment of God’s inspiration granted us with mind,speech,feelings,thinking,and Love. But,God was generous,God gave us “Grand Nature”to enjoy in it.We are surrounded by flowers,mountains,rivers,woods,animals …which allow us to watch their color fantasy and give us a smile.Can you imagine, what would our lives look like without Nature gifts?A terrible thought!
Glorify the Nature!May live forests and all the God’s Beauties!

Riolama was killed by Human Being!She enjoyed herself in her Divine surrounding,dancing barefoot on the grass,chatting with birds and jumping the trees.Her home was a true Mansion and she lived in accordance with all its Luxuries .
It happened that one day, a lonely soul looking for love and running away from the people,found her to stay together forever.And eternal sad cycle of Human history approved itself again;Mr.Abolt lost Rima and so, he lost the whole life,without love his existence had no sense.Some bad and evil people he was hiding from,were waiting for her/Rima/deep in the Jungle and took his happiness away.

Who or What is stronger?Man or Nature?I believe both are Vulnerable!There was no winner-as a man loves his Darling in the same way people must love and save the Nature,the richness of Green Forests and blue rivers and each one of flowers and birds flying,while thinking it is Riolama!

W.H.Hudson lived and died in London 1922 in poverty.

There are lots of free online contents about writer’s works and biography.And because of that,i won’t repeat the same source data , i’ll give you links to visit and read it as you want.What i am trying is to discover some unknown facts about Author”s life that you probably have no chances to see on the other places or to meet in real life.The greatest gift i give you is my writing that makes you fall in Love with Writer’s Masterpiece “GREEN LOVE”


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