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I have many Themes to write about but maybe today is not my^Day*
i,ll try
What has been the last theme,yes &Evil&,evil we was born with, Evil inside us
Evil that make i feel worse,without Happy smile on my Face
Don,t think i had to experience some really Bad things to make me i feel in that way!

I am speaking about my Personal Freedom,Enjoying my Life,that have been endangered , because there are some &Creatures&/negative meaning

I want to tell that surrounding influence me:i believe i don,t live my Full,Happy Life,i would be more satisfied in some other place
Do i ask for Perfect People ?/if something like that exist

Theme second
Long Live Witches

How Old am i?
I think maybe over the Sea things look like different,but unfortunately
people get older as well.
Should i make an excuse for my Youngish Look?
I met my School Friend from Elementary one.I felt Unpleasant,she got older…

What is a normal condition?I feel ,Human Being having *chosen* of God must own the feature *BEING YOUNG* forever
Does the fact Jesus Christ *died* Young bring on a message of God will?
Christ is the Perfect Person,SELF-IMPROVED,but i think the Key Idea is
*Self-Made*, just like He /Jesus/says *Use all your Capabilities to Make ONESELF a PERFECT Human Being *

Not by accident,there is in the BIBLE :Don,t have other GODS except me*
/God you have found ,it is the Way of finding Yourself!/
My explanation , the main teaching is in SELF-IMPROVEMENT and Man was born
with one Goal:to be BORN again!

I felt as *Born again* in my Way of *Self-improvement*
My Secret of *Youngish*-pay attention to one Word above.

Thank you

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Thank you
Slavica Todorovic

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