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What did your CHILDHOOD look like?

Can you remember the earlist Days in yourSurroundings

Did you play with your Schoolmates?Or maybe you have been alone.

My Childhood has been a Big Fairy Tale-Rich of Play,Imagination,Full of Laughters

I Wasn’t Born like a Child Bringing HATE in myself.

Unfortunately the Hate that Somebody was born Finally define our FATE

The Secret Question and the Answer give us a HORRIBLE TRUTH-There is


Everybody Draws the SIGN belongs to.

One Question came out :Can’t we Really to Recognize EVIL?

Maybe EVIL is present too much all around.

Maybe ,being everything Related with DEVIL is Hided, that is what make
we feel Confused

again a terrible Thrue EVIL possess ATTRACTION.

I think there is no SALVATION for Anybody-the little Particles emitted by
our Body works without our control.
Thank you

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Sorry if i i Destroy your Dreams,but i simply can,t beindifferent and not to try to remind all of You,that herearound our Living places there are CHILDRENS in need for Food and nice Toys.They deserve Happy Life!look at this video

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To be honest i don’t make any Money on the Net,not yet,although when i came out at the first time on the Internet,
i was seing for my Chance to be involved in some Making Money opportunity.

I didn’t lose anything/except my telephone bills/, but i Got much more-the occasion to meet Great people, they Make their living everyday on the Net.


If You aren’t Able to accept and apply the knowlege they Give you take their Energy,Strong Will,Persistence
and Ambition in your way to Success.

Isn’t it wonderful being on the other side of the World ,especialy if you lonely ,and break own Isolation
keeping in touch with your Picture of Happiness,Wealth,Success and progres.


Personaly, i see these Online MARKETERS like the Modern KNIGHTS
i hope nobody to be hold against me for my EMPHASIS the INTELLECT side in this Story.

There is nothing to do with a fact where somebody come from, or where is living-I talk about HUMAN Being.
Our Earth Universe is
common-belongs to all of us and the Extraterrestrials are WELCOME

i have sympathy
whit them/


I expect THERE to be made a contact with BEINGS from the other SPACE-don’t let me down!
My KNOWLEGE become richer everyday.SOMEBODY or SOMETHING assigned the Big TASK


Thank you for reading

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ps:having tallked about LIGHT i remembered NIKOLA TESLA who lived and worked in
America/he come from Serbia, where i live/
Genius ,Outstanding Person
so i decided to put this Video

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Legendary Times Article

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Long Live Witches

I must admit i have found the inspiration of this Heading in New Article
by my choice named “STAY YOUNG”
I publish those Free articles to my Web Site,chosen not only by its Beauty then Rich Content too.

The Article i am talking about inform us with the Story narrated by Barbara Morris.The Title of
the Book is named “Put OLD on HOLD”.

Some questions opened in her Thinking are:”Can you Stay Young in Your 50s,60s,70s?”
She gave the TIPS on Staying Young
Have a clear vision of what you want your life to be like in 25 years.
Take an inventory of your Youthful assets.
Indulge in positive thinking.
Get in control of your Health.

There are the Questions i ask Myself about her Book:
What kind of Idea was she leaded of to make this Story?
Naturally Holy Grail of YOUNG forever is the inspiration Theme of all Generations
through the Centuries.Maybe i must give a correction: Personally, i think it was first
of all the Privilege of the Exceptional and Intellectuals.
The Eternal Youth is dedicated to Rare and Unusual Individuals.Because, only He or She
is able to spend a lot of Times in the Spirit Mind Practice.

It is needed Great Effort and Strong Will to achieve the Perfection.
JESUS CHRIST taught about the Way of Self-Cognition.In my Opinion, He was the First Man
was granted by the Secret Eternal Youth.
There are unknown Forces like that lead me to write right now the day before Easter.

Leonardo da Vinci created MONA LISA, like his Version of “Young ” forever.Indeed Mona Lisa
staid Eternal.

The Story is not over.Please,if You like to read the whole Article end find out the Secret

Word of my Eternal Youth go to

in French

Thank You for Reading

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my site named *Stay Young*

I would like you to leave your Thinking of a way to Stay Young

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